Tuesday, September 05, 2006

new additions

Well, it is the start of another fabulous week (partly because it is a short one) and we have some newbies to our wonderful classroom. I am so glad to have everyone who is new or staying and sad to see some leave - but we're all still team 7A!

Today we worked on those memoirs some more and most of you finished your rough drafts. We mainly worked on adding sensory details so that the memoirs I read are full of vivid language and I can feel like I am there. Friday we worked on adding the author's thoughts and feelings so that I can get inside those heads of yours. So, my hope is that these memoirs will be amazingly rich and wonderful. Based on what I have read of your reading autobiographies - they will be!

The rough drafts are due tomorrow and I have procured the laptops so that we can type (and get on here to answer questions).

Remember! It is picture day tomorrow - so look your best! :)


kendra said...

my pitcher was pritty

conor irwin said...

i am almost done with my memoir:)