Tuesday, August 28, 2007

newspaper shelter

Today we spent some time getting to know our fellow classmates. We talked about the reading autobiography a little bit and looked at ways to spice it up. Then we played the newspaper game. This was so much fun! The goal was to create a shelter using newspaper, copy paper, and tape. You had five minutes to plan, but couldn't touch the materials. Then you had ten minutes to build, but couldn't talk. You learned about non-verbal communication and teamwork.

We also went up to the book fair and I spent too much money on books for the classroom! There were so many good ones! Some of you got these titles: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Pretties, Specials, Rules (which was so popular they have to order more), and Code Orange. Remember that the book fair will be up there all week, so if you forgot money today you can bring it later and I'll send you up there.

Tomorrow we will work on those reading autobiographies for most of the time, so bring in brainstorming lists. :)

Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was so much fun! I got the mobile lab and we looked at the websites. You guys figured out how to find information on the team website and on mine. I also showed you how to post comments on here. I loved reading all your silly comments from today!

I also had my challenge classes get on think.com and request accounts. I have a sheet for you to take home and get signed before we can really get started with it, but I think it will be fantastic.

The last thing we did was start talking about the reading autobiography. This will be due next Tuesday and will be a paper in which you tell me about all the books you have loved while you were growing up. I can't wait to read them and find out what you liked to read as a tot. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

one week down...

So, one week has passed and I think this year is going to be great! You're getting used to how I do things in class and learning about the resources.

This week we mainly did beginning of the year stuff - handed out agenda books, got those civility contracts signed, handed out my syllabus and talked about my expectations. I read Tulip Sees America by Cynthia Rylant and had you write about your summer. I also read What's the Worst that Could Happen? by Bruce Coville and had you write about your most embarrassing moment. Friday, I had you make postcards that we sent home and I did not read them!

Next week we will start doing some English stuff. I will give you your first big-ish written assignment and we will start on some short stories. We will also be getting on think.com in challenge classes and will be checking out the websites when I get the mobile lab.

I hope you guys feel as good as I do about this year! :)

On that note, here is a question for you. What are some of your expectations for this year? What do you hope will happen? What do you hope will not happen?