Monday, December 11, 2006

ah the memories

Today was the first work day for the memory boxes. Many of you did very well and took advantage of the time in class. Some did not. If you do not use the time I am giving you to work on it, you will lose that time! Maybe some of you think there is plenty of time this week to get it all done, but you will find that this is not the case. I hope tomorrow is more productive.

Wednesday will be another full class period work day. If I do not see you guys working hard without me reminding you, Thursday and Friday may be taken away as far as work time goes. Don't let that happen!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Smith,
Hey Ms.Smithers I got alot done yesterday but I didn't find a book or magazine I asked Ms. Struckoff in the library and even she couldn't find anything.

P.S.thanks for
the work time.

Brandon Norton

liz said...

im doing walt disney i cant wait to get started