Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer (First Review)

So, this past year, many of my students got into the Vladimir Tod books. I had read the first one, but got busy and forgot about the rest. Several students begged me to read them (you know who you are) and so I am taking time this summer to read the series. I started by rereading the first one since it had been so long. The writing is striking me as a bit oddly descriptive, but I will read on. I hope to read the Maximum Ride series this summer, but we will see.


Jason Mayer said...

Most children's fantasy books are very descriptive. e.g. percy jackson, harry potter, etc. Oh, and Dino left your Puerto Rico game over here. I should return that to you at some point. If you haven't read the percy jackson stuff I can loan that to you.

mrs. smith wallace said...

I know they are, but the way she describes is odd. For example, Vlad wished she's look away, but she continued to stare as the skinny, pale, unpopular boy was picked on." (p. 14). I guess I meant "amateurish", but was trying to be kind. Or maybe I just don't like ending in a preposition.

And, yeah, I have read the Percy Jackson books and LOVE them. I have many copies for my students.