Sunday, September 17, 2006

preset stations

Friday we looked at setting a little bit deeper and how it adds to the mood of a story. Some of you (really just Katie Holbrook, but I am sure others were thinking it) commented that it is all a bit confusing how there is a setting and characters and then the mood and the setting has to do with the mood, etc. Well, I hope it was a bit clearer after you went through the stations. I had five stations set up, two pictures, two passages from books, and one video clip. All the stations had questions about setting and mood. I had so much fun listening in on your conversations at each of the stations and especially manning the station with the video clip. It was great! After we did that, we did MadLibs, which were hilarious! You guys make me laugh so hard! :)

Tomorrow we will take the STAR test (I know, I know) and look at theme in writing. Theme is a tricky concept, so we will spend a few days on it. Also, as of Monday you may take AR tests if you choose (during SSR time). I will give ten points of extra credit for any test score of 7 and up. Just put the printout in the box for your hour.

Also, remember that book club money is due this Wednesday. If you want to get books, but won't have the money in time, let me know and we can work something out. I want everyone to have an opportunity to get books if they want them.

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felisha dattoli said...

The best station was the one with the video clip. The guy with the whip looked funny when he hit the other guy that was going to shoot him.