Sunday, September 24, 2006

A witch coming to Wethersfield?

Today we started Witch of Blackbird Pond by listening to the first chapter in class. I know some of the vocabulary was difficult, that's why I gave you a vocab sheet to complete over the weekend (and I know that each of you has already finished it, right?). We met Kit, John Holbrook, Nat Eaton, and Goodwife Cruff. We will be learning much more about them later in the story.

We also completed a study guide for the quiz on Monday covering literary elements (mood, theme, character development, setting, plot, and conflict). We will use the "clickers" to take the quiz, so I think it will be much more fun than it usually is. Hey, I rhymed!

I gave you a lot of homework over the weekend, but I figure it balances out since I gave you none all week. Right? :)

You were to complete the vocab sheet, study for the quiz, and some of you were to read Witch of Blackbird Pond on your own. 5/6 should have read chapter 2. 7/8 should have read chapters 2 & 3. We will be continuing the story on Monday! :)


Ronisha H said...

I don't actually think she is a witch even though the title says something about a witch.

alejandro said...

i dont get the book. i guess it might get better