Friday, September 08, 2006

working for the weekend

Today was a fantastic day! We started looking at elements of short stories with character development and conflict in the story "Thank you, M'am" by Langston Hughes. We also watched the video of the story. I really enjoyed it! I also handed out grade printouts (I will do this every Friday) and if you got a C- or lower (regular classes) or a C+ or lower (challenge) you must have it signed and return it on Monday or you will have a lunch detention with me and we will call your parents.

Yesterday we took the Tungsten and the scores were better than I expected for the first time taking the test. Remember - if you score a 70 or better for my regular classes or and 80 or better for my challenge class, you get a homework pass worth 40 points.

We will be up in the computer lab on Tuesday (except 7/8 hour) and Wednesday to finish the memoirs and work on the blog. I will also be giving you your Webgrade logins and showing you how to access them on Wednesday.



Jessica said...

HAHAAHA, wow. i just got done looking at the scrap book. we all look silly with wierd looking paper hats on our heads lol.

Felisha Dattoli said...

I liked that short story I thought it was really funny.

jamie ameling said...

I thought the story was great!!!